Deniz Seviyesinde Tiyatro - 
Deniz Seviyesinde Tiyatro - DST It is a festival of life that hosts a cinema, music, and art workshops and it is built on theatre.  The graphic language of the festival, which is held simultaneously in the coastal towns of the Aegean;  we designed with elements suitable for the sun, sea, wave, and summer theme.  We brought together the feeling of summer and the pinkness of the sunset.  We positioned our logo where the sea meets the beach and added four friends next to it: the sun, the wave, the dance, and the stars.
  In the festival where well-known theater actors and musicians come together;  We were inspired by the amphitheater stage where the festival takes place for plays, workshops, concerts, performing arts, and talks.
  At this point, DST has turned into a unique experience that we enjoy while working, apart from the familiar memorizations in terms of design. Enjoy watching.

Creative Designer⎢Ahmet Yasin⎢NERG Studio™
Social Media Identity⎢Ahmet Berkin Ay⎢WaahStudio®
Writer ⎢Arda Arel    Motion Designer⎢Ilgın Üze
Product Manager⎢Onur Canpek  &  Bersis Yılmaz
Festival Manager⎢Burak Orhun Baser 
Deniz Seviyesinde Tiyatro 2022®