*vasistdas in Germany aims to accelerate the integration period of people who have recently migrated to Germany from Turkey. It also guides those who think of moving to Germany. Through its web and social media channels, vasistdas* provides up-to-date tips & tricks regarding Germany's social life and manages online platforms, such as Facebook Groups in major German cities, for people to get together and know each other.

In the 1960s, workers from Turkey arrived in Germany to fill the demand for cheap labor in the post-war economy. Even though the German government named those immigrants "guest workers", for many of them, Germany became their new home. In the last decade, the characteristics of those migrating to Germany have changed drastically. In contrast to the blue-collar worker migration occurring until the 2000s, the migration of white-collar professionals to Germany, including doctors and executives, started after the 2000s. Despite the continued bloom of migration to Germany, Turkish people who have recently relocated to Germany or those considering it have struggled to find up-to-date information resources in their mother tongue in respect to life in Germany.

We decided to symbolize the star "Asterix" because it is known worldwide to explain and correct a certain concept. This star should be understanding, friendly, and giving. the feeling of "welcome" to a new immigrant or ex-pat in Germany. We turned our star into a character and combined it with the feeling of a hug in Turkish culture. We accepted this gesture as the visual expression of "we are here and waiting to hug you". We designed a new wordmark based on specific visual elements in the background of both cultures. 

Creative Team: 
Ahmet Yasin & Berkin Ay
Creative Content: Arda Arel
Motion Design: Ilgın Üze
Copywriter: Semih Hekim

Release Day Dec.21